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Sean Kennedy, Chief Web Strategist, Agency K2

Sean Kennedy, Chief Web Strategist, Agency K2

Sean Kennedy has been working for agencies both large and small and freelancing for the last 15 years.  Not long ago, his phone and inbox started to blow up, and so he decided it was time to create a brand for his work. This is Agency K2 .   Founded in 2018, Agency K2 is based in Tallahassee with deep ties to Raleigh and Austin.

With strong skill sets in brand, design and web development. Sean’s obsessions with: clean code, ADA compliance, SEO,  and page load times keeps his clients saying, “thank you”.   As a creative and detail-oriented self-starter, Sean thrives on new challenges, with an energetic positive team oriented attitude. He is as passionate about the work he delivers to maintaining and nurturing the business relationships he establishes.


Values motivate and sustain behavior.

It can get stressful launching websites or creating a new brand, but level heads lead to effective results.

We tell it like it is, even though sometimes the truth may hurt.

Diligence that nurtures strength, growth and compassion makes all the difference.

We are well seasoned and well prepared for prolonged competitive horizons.

This does not always mean that we follow the rules because sometimes, it points us in the opposite direction.



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